HR Automation

Why HR Automation Is What Your Organization Needs

HR Automation

I had recently shared a blog post with you about the debate that has been going on in the enterprise world discussing the benefits of businesses investing in technology.

As strategic thinkers, we believe that technology is very critical to the success of any business. Investment in technology means business continuity.

Automating business processes is what your organization needs to keep up with the digital transformation. HR Automation is also part of this transformation. We have seen significant improvements in the way HR personals do their jobs and here is why.

Understanding the Human Resource Management System…

The human resource department is responsible for a lot of tasks, many which are document-driven processes; like selecting, hiring and training, Induction, orientation, evaluation, promotion, and layoffs of the employees. Performance management, employee relations, and payroll processes.

These tasks have negatively affected overall productivity, increased cost and minimized security efforts. A technological intervention is needed to solve all of these issues. A streamlined user-friendly interface to eliminate clutter and comply to all your HR businesses that include payroll, benefits, on-boarding and time off tracking into categories, so that HR personnel and employees can navigate from a single site..

What & Why: HR Automation?

Handling critical administrative tasks automatically. This can help companies improve their overall productivity, become cost efficient and time efficient, giving them time to focus on more important tasks.

If we take a task like payroll-processing, it has an entailed HR personnel entering payroll data which is a general waste of time, with minim security efforts and accuracy. With automation, the payroll process is simplified, giving the HR personnel more time to focus on tasks that have a direct effect on the company growth like writing strategies for example.

HR employees will become more as they begin to feel they are accomplishing their tasks efficiently and effectively with maximum security measures. When the HR process is automated, the company’s data is backed to online servers. This prevents data loss and minimizes error.

Here is the Good News…

Talenica through TYCONZ offers seamless solutions to organizations a customer experience management incorporating operational technological and interpersonal skills to leverage HR and Payroll Functions to a higher level.

Talenica has saved the lives of many businesses and it is based on SAP SuccessFactors. SAP SuccessFactors is a Complete Human Capital Management (HCM) System that covers everything from payroll to employee engagement – in the cloud.

  • Enhanced Time Efficiency & Cost; cut costs and save money through automated HR and Payroll processes. All expenses can be reduced by accessing a talented pool of resources resulting in better revenues for the company. No costs related to hardware and infrastructure needed to run the system. Finally, eliminate the hassle and overheads for recruiting IT personnel.
  • Designed for People; a user friendly easy-to-use and manage interface. A direct access through a mobile interface serving better and more informed business decisions. Access the solution from any device and location to enhance productivity and ensure work continuity.
  • Achieves Quick ROI; deploy the latest technology rapidly to maintain your competitive edge. Reduce cost of entry & limited capital investment, with pay-as-you-use option. Calculate your ROI
  • Adaptable to Customer Demands; Provide the management with flexible services to meet the customers changing requirements, supporting acquisitions, consolidations, and joint ventures. Improved facilities provided by receiving a first-hand feedback about products and services directly from customers.