The Tyconz Trim | Employee Central Module


Welcome to #NoShaveNovember, everyone. As we embark on the final months of the year, we may begin to look at what made this year great, and what brought us down. In some places, even those pesky matters that may have dragged down performance throughout the year may seem hard to shave off. Some of these matters could be so heavily rooted in how we do things that we seem incapable of disposing, even when we need to.

At Tyconz, we understand that change is neither a sprint nor a marathon. In honor of November, we will tell you that change management is one trim at a time, leading to silky smoothness that was not even expected in the first instance. In other words, Tyconz does value the fact that every company has special needs and its own pace, and we accommodate that in how we do things at our core. For this reason, our SuccessFactors offering presents you with diverse modules that are interlinked in a manner that allows you present a minor change to your company every step of the way until you reach the cherry on top.

For the sake of simplicity, the following tackles the simplest yet most crucial detail available in SuccessFactors: Employee Central. Despite the various ways in which SuccessFactors enables you to integrate with whatever system you currently have in place, there’s not enough acclaim that can be given to Employee Central for all what it has to offer. This is a module that’s at the core of all your employees’ information. It stores information, allows you to add employees, and does everything that another system of a similar sort offers, only it takes this offering a bit further. With Employee Central, your employees end up having a profile that shows whatever information you wish to display and to whomever you wish to display it to. This profile, which is the internal profile of the employee that is quite similar to any other social media profile, gives whoever you want in your company access to whatever information is necessary about other employees. You can define what information a manager sees in their direct report profiles, what peers see amongst themselves, and what direct reports see of their managers’ information.

This is merely a sample of the numerous offerings that Tyconz has instore to get your organizational development and human resource management efforts looking much better and costing much less. So, honestly, what are you still waiting for to get that trim and make your hair look its best?

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