Talenica offers organizations complete HR and Payroll solutions provided by Tyconz. Since SAP acquired SAP Concur solution, Talenica recently became more than an HR and Payroll system provider as it is integrated with SAP Concur, allowing employees to manage their travel and expense.

Merge with SAP Concur…

Part of the HR and Payroll system provided, offers managers and employees a self-service platform to allow them to complete various requests like leave requests, training requests and so on. They would then use another solution to process requests related to travel and expenses.

The merger between Talenica and SAP Concur will allow companies to attain a single homogeneous user-friendly interface for employees, accurate integrated process for payroll and travel expenses, automated GL postings, business travels end to end management and data capturing and storing. Reducing error margin, processing time and money loss. These services will in turn all seamlessly integrate with the payroll and financial system.

More on SAP Concur…

SAP Concur works with your financial, HR and other business-critical systems with a range of tools to meet your specific needs. Simple and accurate expense management, travel solutions right-sized for your business. An automated invoice solution to reduce costs in your organization.

In addition to achieving the right balance among performance, accountability and employee engagement, you will benefit from monitoring the sentiments of employees productivity, safety and compliance.

Main Advantages of the merge:

  • Centralized employee manager interface –

From the same portal, employees and managers can perform their HR, travel and expense activities, resulting in a single flow of integration with ERP and other system.

  • System integration made fast and easy –

Shorten implementation and integration time because SAP Concur and Talenica will be acting as a unified system.

  • Accuracy and Efficiency –

Eliminate errors and delays of manual exports. Once expense reports are approved, Concur Financial Connectors send full expense details to your ERP system. The merger of these two systems offers a single point of access to all the data, giving a wider view and insight in reporting and dashboards.

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