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What it Means to be Qualified as an SAP Partner Solution Package

SAP Partner Solution Package

Talenica was recently officially qualified as an SAP partner solution package. Talenica is an integrated core HR and Payroll solution leveraging SAP market leading software and innovations. Together with partner services and specialty knowledge, Talencia ensures rapid time to value, low risk and high predictability projects at low price points.

SAP Partner Solution Package – What’s So Special?

Being an SAP partner and an SAP consultant, Talenica will build and deliver SAP-qualified partner-packages solutions in the region including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar and many other… Customers will benefit from a fast return on investment at high-quality standards. A wider set of solutions to meet the organizations’ individual needs and requirements at an affordable price range. Talenica solutions based on SAP software will create a unique and highly targeted value proposition, including a rigorous qualification process to ensure alignment on the proposition.

More about Talenica

Talenica is your ideal go-to company for human resource management. Our cloud-based solution leveraging SAP SuccessFactors Human Capital Management (HCM) suite, enables Core HCM and Payroll to exceed the expectations of HR and Payroll departments while providing a one-stop shop solution that is easily adapted to multiple countries, labor laws and legal requirements.

Talenica offers the most advanced solutions provided by SAP SuccessFactors, particularly SuccessFactors Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll. This tool is a fully integrated entity that allows you to keep an eye on payroll administration and employee information without the hassle of having to get involved manually.

Simply put, what Talenica offers is the opportunity to plug in basic information and watch it do the magic as it handles and stores employees’ information in SAP’s latest global cloud solution

Talenica and SAP – What a Combination!

SAP-qualified partner-packages solutions are built and supported by Talenica. Talenica’s SuccessFactors offering is the latest of what SAP has to offer to reduce the pains of day-to-day payroll management and administration.

Once the employee and compensation information is initially plugged into the system, SuccessFactors Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll are capable of handling the rest. These smart solutions create a profile for employees that can be integrated with any third-party system to guarantee a holistic experience and a smooth transition regardless of what you use as your current system. What’s even more appealing about ECP, in particular, is its handy calculations and the availability of analytics that can be merged into the solution, making the use of payroll numbers even more effective and predictive.

This facilitates forecasting whilst improving your understanding of your human capital expenditure. Thus, it not only adds transparency but also value to the compensation and benefits of any organization by introducing facts and figures that can be used in creating preventive policies and improving overall organizational expenditure knowledge.

Talenica, therefore, offers you a solution that is smart enough to do the work without further human intervention, complex enough to understand your organizational needs, and thorough enough to provide accurate results and essential metrics for your organizational development purposes.

Wherever there is space for improvement we do not think twice. Our solution has proved to be highly effective, designed to for everyone to enhance time efficiency and costs and achieve quick ROI!

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