Payroll Management System

Simplifying your Payroll Management System with Talenica

Forming a large part of HR activities is the payroll process. It is usually a very daunting task which consumes a lot of time and needs the attention of individuals in the accounting department at times. Though its name might be straightforward, the actual process of payroll management is not as clear and smooth as we would like it to be as there are a lot of components to it like time, taxes, absence, and different daily rate depending on employees and so on. A manual payroll process is almost impossible these days, therefore many companies revert to a payroll management system which aims to facilitate the overall process.

When a payroll process is automated it is simplified to free up the time of your HR team. It eliminates all the manual errors done thus saving your organization money and keeping everyone happy!

What makes a good payroll process management…

Employees in any company wait to earn their paycheck eagerly during each month, it is very important to remain compliant to the payroll process, ensuring that the process is completed on time with no mistakes. The process should also be easy on the person in charge in completing it as well.

It’s Time to Simplify…

Now that we have established that an HR department’s success in functioning properly is very vital to the success of the whole organization, it is our duty to guide you to this path. Do not fall into the trap of most business in using outdated systems with high inefficiencies, scattered administration resources like benefits, insurance, pension, payroll, and so on. You have to simplify

Talenicas SAP based payroll management solution will improve overall efficient, accuracy and eventually grow your business into the competitive market. A revolutionary combination of proven technology, latest innovations, and service delivery in a solution that represents the next generation of payroll process automation. With Talenica Payroll you automate and accelerate processing, reduce risk, and simplify payroll management.

SAP Based Payroll System…

Integrating your HR system with your payroll management program makes it easier to manage and streamline your payroll management process. It helps with reducing errors in data entry and makes getting information about salaries, raises, and even new hires into the payroll program much faster.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll is fully integrated with the SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite, offering an end-to-end solution to help ensure that employees are accurately paid for their time recorded, and based on their contractual obligations in their core HR system, thus eliminating double data entry and ensuring accuracy. Our market-leading solutions offer a proven global payroll engine that is seamlessly tied with a leading next-generation core HR system, so you can be assured that your payroll will be safe, fast, and accurate.

The option you should be going for:

  • Automate: Streamline and automate your payroll process to increase process accuracy and save your employees from wasting their time on tasks that they should not be focusing on.
  • Real-time monitoring: The payroll control center will push the errors to the payroll managers in real-time. The managers can in turn assign the errors to the payroll administrators in a flexible way, using default rules or the new team tool that enables payroll team members to grab errors in the payroll error queue for resolution.
  • Global out-of-the-box Payroll: We know that with payroll companies must think global but act local. “Global” refers to more than just a different language or name and address format. And “Local” means more than just an aggregation of payroll providers
  • Cost Saving: The extensibility and configurability benefits of in-house processing combined with the cost savings and agility of cloud computing. It scales easily as your business needs expand, while delivering constant innovation without disruption.
  • Designed for Everyone: Simple user experience for every role in the organization. Specific to payroll transactions, it reduces errors in self-service and boosts adoption through innovations such as built-in wizards, intelligent services, smart business rules, org charts, inline comments, audit history, and flexible workflows.
  • Visual Workflow: It’s always better to put things into a visual perspective to help you understand where you stand better. Avoid duplicating steps and spending too much time on one task in the payroll process, by using a visual workflow to help you refine your payroll management process.
  • Paperless: Obviously! Join the trend in becoming an environment friendly corporate that cares about saving trees. Save your organizations millions that are usually spent on paper and ink.

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