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Automation in HR & Payroll Management | 5 Tips to Prepare You for Change

HR & Payroll Management

Current Situation…

As the year 2018 is almost coming to end, you probably started and or will soon start to evaluate your current payroll and HR system. If you haven’t automated either process yet, do not be shocked when you find out that the HR & Payroll tasks are the most inefficient. You will reconsider an HR & payroll management system…again…but something will scare you and you will choose to postpone this project…again.

Ok! We get it. Change is not exactly a piece-of-cake. There is always the fear of the unknown that comes with everything new. For those of you willing to take a decision, the return is very rewarding. You will automatically enable business agility by allowing your employees to focus on customers and news business opportunities instead of wasting time in boring paperwork that doesn’t seem to end.

Achieving greater success comes from selecting the right technology for your hr & payroll services. The following are 5 simple tips to prepare you for change so that you embrace it the correct way.

1. Thorough Evaluation of each provider on your radar

Now that you have identified that you need to deploy automated hr & payroll management solutions, your next step would be to do your research on the various vendors. Read review, check your competition, and ask questions during system demos. This stage is very important to us at Talenica. We are prepared to answer all your queries and doubts, to make sure that we are working to achieve your goals and change is very much needed.

2. Involve your Employees…

There’s always that one person who just hates change. They do not seem to see the point of change if the system is working anyways. You will need to be well prepared for resistant employees and find a way to convince them that change is happening by involving them in the bigger picture.  Make them feel as if they are valuable contributors in the decision being made. How this change will enhance the way their job is being done.

3. Eliminate the use of Paper in All your HR & Payroll Tasks

You will need to find tasks that are still being done manually, paper-based process. Everything paper based exposes your company to more errors, disorganization, missing records, etc… Paper related tasks should not be interfering after you automate your hr and payroll services. We will continue to monitor your work after deployment to make sure everything is going smooth and as should be.

4. Regulation & Compliance

HR and Payroll regulations change every year or so depending on the county you are operating in. It’s almost impossible to keep track of new rules and regulations. With our automated solution you can ensure that payroll deductions and taxes are calculated correctly, latest HR related rules updated as per latest labor laws.

5. New Year… New Me

Your company deserves to start a new fresh year by adding news internal services. Though a transition can be done any year round, in order to facilitate it, we can advise you to deploy new automated systems in the beginning of the New Year as it’s a period where the company is already doing its year end works and preparing for the upcoming year. Now is the time to make a move.

Smoother process from now on…

Talenica can handle your transition in the smoothest way possible. We are there in every stage, before, during and after deployment. Our solution is based on a leading product, SAP SuccessFactors. A completed HCM system that covers everything from payroll to employee engagement– in the cloud. HR & payroll management have never been simpler. Now is your time to make a move.

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