Driving Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace With Talenica

Driving Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace With Talenica

Driving Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Find, manage, and engage a diverse workforce with a complete HCM system. Simplify and integrate your human capital management (HCM) processes to drive better business results.

An on-premise and cloud HR software can work together or standalone to help you find the right people for the right jobs, develop future leaders, retain talent, and engage a diverse workforce with a digital HR experience.

I am sure many of you start to wonder how a diverse workforce can be achieved through an HR software. Is that even possible?

You would be surprised to hear that there is more to the advantages of HR management systems, some that are important in their own way. Diversity and inclusion are created in a workplace though HR management systems.  In today’s global business environment, it is very important for organizations to make sure they are recruiting, engaging and retaining a diverse workforce.

Understanding Diversity and Inclusion…

It’s been proven that diversity and inclusion lead to faster growth, higher market shares, higher employee engagement and better shareholder performance. 

In order to facilitate the understating of this terminology it would be easier to break-it-down. First, diversity, is having and or being composed out of different elements or qualities. Some external components that we can automatically see upon meeting someone for the very first time, include: race, ethnicity, appearance, dress, gender, communication style and so on… Some components are identified on a later stage after some sort of verbal communication is done. They include things like: age, sexual orientation, hobbies, religion and maybe even income!

A diverse workplace alone is not enough for the long-term success of the organization. Inclusion is the second half to the success formula. Inclusion translates to an act of including and or being included. Employees need to be shown that they are valued in an organization. Consequently, HR experts need to work closely with Managers to make sure they are showing their team the support needed.

Very few people are aware that HR systems assure the presence of diversity and inclusion to increase the likely hood of organizations achieving their objectives and obtaining successful results.

How Diversity and Inclusion Implemented through and HR Software…

 Research has shown that diverse companies are better able to attract top talent and offer improved customer orientation, decision-making and satisfaction.

Diversity and inclusion in an organization inspire a culture or respect where more ideas are thrown in and individuals come together to fuel the growth of the organization.

Our HR software plays a huge role in assuring diversity and inclusion using many components. Through HR analytics, a wide range of data on everything from interviews and assessments to performance metrics and career progression projections.

Our HR software doesn’t only ensure that the recruitment process gets the best talent in the door quickly and effectively, however the process is data-driven. As a starter, our software will screen candidates based only on their skills, experiences and qualifications without looking at components like race, gender, and ethnicity and so on. Additional hiring tools are able to eliminate identifiers like names, photos and addresses.

This rise in the integration of AU in HR technology ushers a new era of data analysis in recruitment. As HR data improves, the HR software is able to analyze the career paths and qualifications, used for employee assessment on the role to identify if they are suitable candidates or not. This all without looking at their ethnicity or gender!

HR technology is heavily focused on making the workplace a more welcoming, diverse and inclusive lace for everyone!

Talenica – Powered by SAP SuccessFactors

Talenica is your ideal go-to company for human resource management. Our cloud-based solution leveraging SAP SuccessFactors Human Capital Management (HCM) suite, enables Core HCM and Payroll to exceed the expectations of HR and Payroll departments while providing a one-stop shop solution that is easily adapted to multiple countries, labor laws and legal requirements.

Talenica offers the most advanced solutions provided by SAP SuccessFactors, particularly SuccessFactors Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll.

Simply put, what Talenica offers is the opportunity to plug in basic information and watch it do the magic as it handles and stores employees’ information in SAP’s latest global cloud solution.

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