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What it Means to be Qualified as an SAP Partner Solution Package

SAP Partner Solution Package Talenica was recently officially qualified as an SAP partner solution package. Talenica is an integrated core HR and Payroll solution leveraging SAP market leading software and innovations. Together with partner services and specialty knowledge, Talencia ensures rapid time to value, low risk and high predictability projects at low price points. SAP Partner […]

Why HR Automation Is What Your Organization Needs

HR Automation I had recently shared a blog post with you about the debate that has been going on in the enterprise world discussing the benefits of businesses investing in technology. As strategic thinkers, we believe that technology is very critical to the success of any business. Investment in technology means business continuity. Automating business […]

Why Technology Matters to Businesses Today

Cloud HR Software To invest in technology or not to invest? That has been the debate in the enterprise world. Some people consider it a waste of money while others see it as an opportunity for digital transformation and if implemented right will thus create longevity. As strategic thinkers, we believe that technology is very […]